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Lights, Cameras, Action. We use the latest techniques and technologies to deliver world-class videos that make powerful statements. Wether it's a product video optimized for online retail, a corporate client testimonial, or a lifestyle piece that communicates what words cannot, LT² will bring your vision to life for you to easily share with the world. Like all our services, creativity and efficiency are at the core of what we do. We bring lights, cameras, sound recording, and more to sculpt and capture the action in stunning high resolution. In post-production, we can add animated titles, graphics, color correction, and effects. And once you're happy with your video, we can optimize it for the world wide web. With today's internet and LT²'s video capabilities, it's never been easier to teleport your viewers into your world.


A picture is worth...24,000,000 pixels.  At LT², we like to shoot stills that are 6000 x 4000 pixels. That's 24 million pixels! And every pixel matters to us in telling your story. A single image can offer a wealth of information to its viewer even with just a quick glance...or swipe. Wether it's product, people, places, or even an abstract artistic statement, we have the tools and expertise to capture and communicate its essence. We can also make enhancements and adjustments to the image with the latest software tools and techniques (Photoshop). If you're looking to perfectly capture reality, create an image that's larger than life, or blur the lines of reality and fiction, LT² will deliver your vision.  


Take your online presence to the next level with LT²'s web design and development services.  We've been hand-coding websites since the turn of the millennium, but hand-coding can be consuming, unpredictable across browsers, and difficult to make changes and updates. We are excited to take advantage of the latest web design and development technology using the Wix platform.  Wix allows a new level of customization, detail, ubiquitous browser compatibility (even mobile), and your own account and content management system. We'll handle the initial design and development, including setting up your Wix account, and then turn the keys over to you. We believe in this platform so much, we used it to design this very site. It's never been easier to build (and maintain) the site of your dreams.


Let LT² communicate your brand's essence through logos, branding, advertisements, packaging, custom fonts, and more. We're happy to expand upon existing branding you may already have or work with you to develop fresh graphics from idea to execution via sketch, layout, comp, and final rendering. As you can see in our own logo, we strive to develop bold, crisp, and clean logos that tell stories and invoke feelings even in their simplicity. We always keep in mind the various ways graphics may be used and design them in ways that will work in a wide variety of medias and environments. Often a logo is a brand's first impression or device to instantly trigger familiarity and we take great pride in communicating your message through it.   


It's in our nature to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of what is current and effective in today's world of marketing wether it's the latest trends, technology, social media, or even culture. Seriously, we can't help it. We're obsessed with marketing. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and share with you our experience and knowledge to make your vision a reality and success. If you have an existing website that could use some help, or are in need of some strategies for the powerful and ever-evolving world of social networks, we'd love to share our proven techniques as well as the latest and greatest practices in digital marketing. At the same time, we always keep in mind what is classic and has stood the test of time.

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